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Peg King

Realtor / Coldwell Banker

"We were very impressed with the work and professionalism of Naturalight Solar, Inc. and will be sure to call them the next time one of our clients needs a skylight installation...They took good care of us every step of the way."

Nancy P.

"Before we had skylights installed, our den and home office were sad rooms because they were on our home's north side, which doesn't get much light. Now, both rooms explode in light especially when the sun is to the west and at an angle allowing it to just burst through the skylights. It's just cheery."

Judy H.

"VELUX skylights helped transform my sunroom from a troublesome home-maintenance headache to a beautiful four-season escape. I know the skylights are properly flashed, so I won't need to worry about wood rot or leakage. Plus, my skylights include electric and solar-powered blinds, as well as manual and electric venting, allowing me to control daylight and air flow with a single remote. The sunroom had previously been too hot for summer use, now I can vent the skylights to create a cool breeze that makes summer use not only possible, but inviting."

Sarah L.

"Excellent work. We had two 14" tubular skylights put in a dark room in our home and it now feels like a new room! So beautiful."

Mario D.

"I had Naturalight Solar install a sun tunnel on my Eichler type home as part of an overall re-roof. I had it placed right above my kitchen, which was originally pretty dark, but not anymore. It made a huge different and I'm completely satisfied. Installation was quick and the job was well done. I highly recommend them."

Elaine W.

"We had Naturalight Solar put in new skylights to replace our 20+year old skylights. They said the new skylights would be much more efficient and I have to say he was so right!! Now, our well insulated home stays at a steady cool temp throughout the more too warm kitchen. Absolutely love our new Velux Skylights. Naturalight Solar was a pleasure to work with. They arrived on time every time, were very neat while doing the job(protecting floors etc). A great experience, a great product and a great company. Highly recommend... 5 stars!!!"

Terry Odgers

Roofer / Wedge Roofing

"SUN TUNNEL skylights are an easy and effective solution for getting daylight into our customer's homes...Our customer's love this SUN TUNNELS and most of them wonder why they waited so long to get them installed. Naturalight Solar are experts in their field and they are very good at meeting our scheduling needs. After hearing my customers tell me how much they liked their skylights, my wife and I had a 10" tube skylight installed in our bathroom. We love the light."

Ed Scrivner

Roofer / Scrivner Roofing

"I tell my customers that there are several companies that sell tube skylights but Naturalight Solar is the one company that had been in business for years and is reliable. When we need to have tubes installed, Naturalight Solar shows up and does a great job. After the skylights are installed , the homeowners are so surprised by the light, they often ask me to come into their house to see."

Kathryn B.

"Thank you so much for "lighting" my life. I love my skylight and your service was just superior. I am sooo pleased with my light."

Bob V.

"[ I wanted ] to let you know how pleased I am with the new [VELUX SUN TUNNELS]. I had installed nine tubes when I remodeled our home. I thought I would save some money when I saw an email special from a large warehouse dealer. My contractor installed them, and at the first rain, three of them leaked. I had the contractor caulk them to stop the leaks. After just over a year, they began to discolor and dim. I called Naturalight Solar because they had installed tubes on my other home a few years ago. You came, gave me a quote to replace them, and suggested that I take the defective tubes back. I returned them with no problem and they gave me a full refund. I would not have even tried to return them without your suggestion. …I now have about 85% more light in the house and am really happy. Again, thank you."

Ross G.

"I am entirely satisfied with my new SUN TUNNELS; they do exactly what was promised, bringing lots of light into a formerly shadowy place. They are inconspicuous and seem as though they had always existed in the architecture of the house. The installer, Al , was prompt, personable, responsive to my wishes of placement, and tidy. I am seriously considering the installation of 2 more SUN TUNNELS in the same space, perhaps next year. Thank you for everything."

Sylvie M.

"Wow! The tubes are epic! What a difference. I now have 11 tubes. Thank you especially to installer, Al! He is the best and had excellent advice as to the placement of the 6 new tubes. Thanks for a new house!"

Marion W.

"Thank you for sending such capable installers and for having such a good product. I'm energized by all the new light! I've had several visitors to see the solar tubes and hopefully you'll have some new customers."

Tom J.

"My wife and I are very pleased with the out come after the install of the tube. We both can't believe the light you get from it . Both of us are always blaming each other for leaving the light on . One of the best things we've done. Thank you for your service and the great installer"

Joe R.

"My daughter can't believe the difference the tube lights have made in her house. The installers were very nice. Thanks!"

Marisa D.

"Thanks again for the great service and Al was so professional to work with on the installation. Now there are at least three of us in this mobile home complex who have the sunshine lighting up their lives daily. It's made an inspirational change in how I feel about the space I live in to not need artificial lighting during the daylight hours. The light from these three 14 inchers is pleasant and provides just the right amount of lighting for projects and cooking. Thanks for the support and friendliness from everyone on your staff."

Sylvie M

"All I can say, the three tubes that Al installed last week made such a difference in my house!!! Amazing how the light changed everything!! My neighbor came over and saw them and is interested in one for her office."

Anthony S

"Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the skylights your company installed in our home. We absolutely enjoy the additional light in the home but not to mention the quality of the work. It was by far the one of the best things we have done to our home. We also felt that the amazing professionalism of you and your crew could not have been better. Thanks again for a job well done. I would highly recommend you and your company to any of our friends and family."

"I've used Naturalight Solar on dozens of projects, including my own home, and continue to go back to them for all my skylight needs. Whether I need one skylight, or thirty, I can always count on them for competitive pricing, knowledgeable advice, and a leak-free installation. The team at Naturalight Solar is always responsive and a pleasure to work with."

Ginny M.

We renovated our cabin built in 1938, which included adding a sizable covered deck which might have made a dreary, dark living room with its knotty pine walls. We are really happy that we found Marc and his on the spot installation crew. They put in one solar tube, and we love the light it provides all day long. I have an orchid and some fun carnivores on a table under the solar tube, and the light seems to be perfect for them as well. The tube has been an excellent addition for our project. We highly recommend this company to add a little light in your life! They sold me over the phone, and promises were met. The outcome is more than I ever expected. Great Sonoma County company.