What Can You Do for the Earth?



There are so many possibilities:
  • Volunteer at a beach or park clean-up
  • Go to an Earth Day festival
  • Change one habit to reduce waste and conserve resources
  • Install VELUX Skylights or SUN TUNNELS to reduce day-time energy use
  • Install solar panels on your home
  • Help start a community garden
  • Do something nice for the Earth
Check out the Earth Day Network for a history of Earth Day and more ways to celebrate the Earth every day.

Wretched Ridge-Light Bites the Dust

Katherine and Tyler had an awful ridge skylight that was leaking in the rain and baking the house in the summer.  They contacted Naturalight Solar and we presented them with a design to install four VELUX VSS S01 solar operable, deck mount skylights with solar blinds. We removed the old skylight, re-configured the roof openings, installed and water-proofed the new skylights, and finished the interior.
The wretched ridge-light:

Peyton-Brown ridge skylight before #2Peyton-Brown interior before
Katherine and Tyler are excited that the leaks are gone and overheating is a thing of the past.  They are also looking forward to a tax credit of approximately $6,600. The budget for the project, including permits, was approximately $22,000 and took about one week of on-site work. We just completed this project last week.

“1 Up” Your Home with Energy Efficiency Financing

Add life to your home:

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Programs provide financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water efficiency improvemetns for homeowners. Many counties in California have at least one program, and some have two. You can visit the program websites to see if your home is eligible for financing.
Program Perks:
  • Loans are not based on credit scores
  • No application fee
  • Apply Online
  • Pay back through property taxes; loan stays with the property if sold
  • Minimum project size is $5,000 with no maximum
VELUX SUN TUNNELs, VELUX Skylights, and SunRise Solar Attic Fans fall under the energy efficiency improvement category, so the installation of these products is eligible for financing through your city’s program.

Sonoma County – SCEIP and CaliforniaFIRST
Napa County – CaliforniaFIRST and HERO
Marin County – CaliforniaFIRST
Solano County – CaliforniaFIRST and HERO

Give Naturalight Solar a call to get a 
free estimate for your day-lighting project: 707.527.5330

Do You Have Potato Chips on Your Roof?

Plastic tube skylight flashings become brittle from exposure to the sun and rain, until they crack, kind of like potato chips. Crunchy, brittle potato chips are a delicious snack, but this quality is not so great in skylight flashings, which will leak when they crack and crumble.

VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights have metal, one piece, seamless flashings, so you won’t ever again have to worry about potato chip flashings on your roof.
If your skylight flashings look like this, or you notice a leak, give us a call. Keep all your potato chips inside your home.
707-527-5330 or visit our website.

Too Hot & Too Dark…VELUX Solar “Fresh Air” Skylight to the Rescue

Is your home hot, stuffy, and dark?
See what a Velux solar “fresh air” skylight can do for you.

Summer days in the living room of this Santa Rosa home were unbearably hot and stuffy. With no way for the heat to escape, it rose to the ceiling and stayed there, overheating the whole room. Also, because of the wood interior, the room was quite dark. The owners decided to install a VELUX solar operable four by two foot “fresh air” skylight to get rid of the heat and brighten things up.

Davis After Davis Before
The skylight installation was completed in two days, with a total budget of $4,900. The VELUX solar operable “fresh air” skylight gives them the opportunity for a 30% federal tax credit of $1,470, reducing the net cost of the skylight addition to $3,430.
What was once an over-heated, dimly lit room now has lots of natural light and much better ventilation.
We love our skylight. It has added much more than just light to our home. We can see the oak tree and feel a bit more of the outside beauty of our home. We LOVE how much hot air it lets out of a previously uncomfortably warm room. The rain sensor works every time, and we don’t have to remember to close the skylight if rain is imminent. Thank you for the beautiful workmanship and attention to detail.                                                                                         ~Emily &Bryan

Waking Up with Paul, Falling Asleep with Winston…

Amazing Remote Control for VELUX Skylights and Blinds

Find out how one VELUX skylight owner woke up with Paul and fell asleep with Winston:

This newly designed remote control allows you to open and close all of the skylights and blinds in your home from one place. You can use the pre-set programs on the remote or set your own so your home is ventilated, shaded, and protected from rain, without your having to think about it throughout the day.




Call us to get your own skylights that operate
at the touch of your finger!
(707) 527-5330

Happy Father’s Day!

Is it so dark in dad’s man cave that you can’t see him, you can only hear him breathing?


Brighten your dad’s Father’s Day with a VELUX SUN TUNNEL. We’ll do the installation work so your dad can sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunlight. When we’re done, you’ll be able to hear dad and see him, too!
Call now to schedule an installation by June 30th
and we’ll give dad a $50 discount per tube (up to three per household).
Call us today! (707) 527-5330
P.S. There is an optional black out shade for when
dad wants the darkness back for watching t.v.!

VELUX 5-Star Skylight Specialist Contributes to Net Zero Berkeley Public Library Renovation

Working closely with VELUX Sales Representative Mike Price, 5-Star Skylight Specialist Naturalight Solar played a big role in the renovation of the West Berkeley branch library, installing 15 VELUX VCE 4646 and 14 FCM 4646 skylights, shown above during the framing phase, all with blinds.
Price worked with the project architect during the design phase and Naturalight Solar took the reins to complete and win the bid. They recommended adding blinds to all of the skylights for additional light control.
“It’s a very unique building because it’s designed to be very energy efficient,” Durand said. “The skylights are 27 feet off the floor, it has a lot of volume and the architect did an interesting thing with the skylight wells. They seem quite pleased with the effect of the skylights.”
Installation took one day and included using a lift to bring all of the skylights to the roof. Naturalight also coordinated with the building control company to assure that the skylights and blinds controls would properly communicate with the building’s controls computer. This included ordering a single VCE skylight to test the controls in the contractor’s shop before anything was installed on the building.
The skylights help the library achieve a net zero energy rating by bringing in plenty of natural light and using the chimney effect to pull in fresh air. The library relies on passive ventilation rather than a forced air system for cooling. Skylights and south-facing windows provide passive heating during winter months.
The building is also equipped with a photovoltaic array designed to produce more energy than it uses.
Call us today for a free estimate
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