Curb mounted manual venting skylight

Manual Venting Skylights / Residential Skylights

Model VCM

As a curb mounted skylight, the VCM rests in a raised frame that’s built above flat roofs (or on a slope of up to 60º). Designed for quick installation, the VCM manual- venting skylight lets any home enjoy the best of what nature has to offer. It allows abundant natural light to flow into the room, while blocking heat. Because of the chimney effect, the VCM skylight also reduces the need for air conditioning and, when open, improves indoor air quality by removing moisture, odors and other indoor pollutants.

The included operator hook makes it easy to open and close the VCM skylight, while its insect screen lets in only fresh air. And thanks to an optional solar-powered blackout blind or solar roller blind, you can block or diffuse outside light at the touch of a button without any additional wiring or power consumption.

For added peace of mind, your VELUX warranty covers 20 years on insulating glass, 10 years on the skylight, and 5 years on the electronics.  See VELUX warranty brochure for complete details.